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Layout Selection

Resume offers a variety of resume layouts to choose from, including modern, minimalist, colorful, professional, and personalized options. This allows users to choose a style that best suits their needs and preferences.

Resumes by Objective

The app allows users to create specific resumes for different career goals. They can add a title that reflects the desired objective and adjust the content accordingly.

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Content Personalization

Users can easily enter information about their professional experiences, academic history, skills (soft and hard skills) and relevant projects. The ability to personalize this data allows resumes to be tailored to each user's individual needs.

Free and Premium Use

You have the option to use the app for free to create basic resumes. However, if you opt for more personalized and detailed CVs, you can pay in bitcoins to unlock additional resources that will attract visibility to your experiences and skills.

Bitcoin Friendly

Pay with bitcoin to get exclusive features. More services, less bureaucracy.

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